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Perfect potatoes every time.
Helping you serve the perfect potato every time

We take pride in thinking differently and seeing the possibilities in potatoes, not just in what they can become, but also in how they can help build your business and keep your customers coming back for more.

Although our Lamb Weston name is new to Australia, our brands Australian Select, Farmer’s Best®, Harvest Choice® and Marvel, have a long-established local history, and we leverage this expertise to ensure our products meet the needs of the local food service industry, market, and our customers.

We have been using Lamb Weston products since we opened our doors over 19 years ago, because it’s about more than just supply. It’s about consistent quality and a seamless service that’s there when you need it.

– Norm Khzam, Operations and Business Development Manager, Hunky Dory

Potatoes from the greatest places on earth

Our local growers come from all around Australia, in regions renowned for growing some of the world's finest potatoes.

With the combined expertise of multi-generational farming and our shared research and knowledge, we work in regions that boast the most expansive and lush potato growing and climate conditions. You simply can’t find a better place to grow potatoes, or better people to do it.

Hear from our farmers

Start with the best potatoes

Growing potatoes

Start with the best potatoes

The pride and care we put into growing potatoes translates into the wonderful potato options we share around the world, and it starts on the farm with our grower partners.


Your potato advantage

Growing regions

Your potato advantage

Learn how getting the right potatoes to the right processing facilities to be cut into the right fries ensures you year-round quality and consistency.

Our eyes are always on your fries

Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your fries, seeking something new and different or exploring ways to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line, we’re on the case. We see possibilities in potatoes. Not just in what they can become, but also what they can do for you and your customers.

Helping to cultivate a better future

Taking care of this planet is important to all of our futures. That’s why we’re committed to operating sustainably in every way possible. We’ve succeeded by staying true to our roots. Working with farmers to grow potatoes responsibility and practicing reuse, recycle and conservation to ensure we can grow for generations to come.

Lamb Weston Chef

There’s only one reason I use Lamb Weston. They’re the best. I truly want to bring the best to my customers, and it starts and ends with Lamb Weston. There’s no substitute.

– Chef Rocco Whalen, Fahrenheit

Increasing your efficiency. And your bottom line.

With everything else you’ve got on your plate, we know it’s not always easy to find the time to research and troubleshoot issues in the kitchen. That’s why we’ve developed quick and useful resources for your reference to help you get the most out of your fries.

Tools and trends

Fry problem solving

Best practices

Fry problem solving

Best practices, tips & solutions to achieve ideal fry taste & texture.

Take your menu to the next level

Culinary inspiration

Take your menu to the next level

Menu inspiration for your operation that can help satisfy your guests and keep them coming back for more.

What's new from our culinary team

Culinary test kitchen

What's new from our culinary team

Looking to incorporate the latest flavor trends into your menu? See what our culinary team has been cooking up to help you get inspired.